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What is MTM?
MTM stands for Medication Therapy Management; where a pharmacist spends quality time with you to help review your medications. Our pharmacists are specially trained and equipped to identify any problems or issues that may arise from your medications. After thorough analysis, our pharmacists will provide you with solutions and recommendations to any medication problems that may arise. The objective of MTM is to provide a clear line of communication between your doctor, yourself and the pharmacist.

What to expect from Medication Therapy Management?
A personal pharmacist will be assigned to any eligible patient for a comprehensive review of their medication(s). Our pharmacist will spend time with the patient to analyze their medication(s). The review is to analyze all medications ranging from prescriptions, non-prescriptions, vitamins, herbals, supplements and any over-the-counter medications. At the end of the review, our objective is to identify any medication that may provide complications to the patients, duplicate medications and any other allergic reaction or side effects that may occur. This process can save you money and provide you with the peace of mind that you need by identifying and minimizing any risks. Moreover, the process is completely covered by most insurance companies.
How Medication Therapy Management is related Optimal Pharmaceutical Management?
Just like our logo “we bring the pharmacy to you” and “pharmacist within your reach”. We are here to help you to understand your medications, resolve any possible medication conflicts and duplications and reduce your me
dication costs. We care about your well being.
How to reach us or need more information?
For more information about MTM, check out the website and also you can search the pharmacy that service MTM and the ratings of the pharmacy. If you are interested on how to obtain your first comprehensive medication review, contact our pharmacy for your first appointment at 916 – 978 – 0866.

If your insurance does not cover this service, we can still provide this service at a nominal fee. For more information, please contact the MTM consultant pharmacist.